• Avon Peeping Tom arrested

    October 11, 2011 No comments

    An Avon man is facing charges of stalking, among others, after he was arrested for spying on area residents.

    26 year old Jason Abraham Athialy, who is also a registered sexual predator, was arrested early Monday.

    The story in today’s Hendricks County Flyer said that the investigation began after residential victims alerted police that a prowler had been climbing on the roof of their home.

    According to Avon Police, Athialy took a ladder out of the victim’s minibarn to get on the roof of the home and look into the windows.

    Another resident had installed an outdoor surveillance camera and was able to capture an image of a person walking through the yard and looking into windows. The images were not clear enough for detectives to make an immediate arrest.

    Detectives later learned that Athialy lived in the neighborhood and was a registered sexual predator, so they conducted overnight surveillance on him for about a week. That led to his arrest after detectives caught him on the victim’s back deck, peering into the rear window where he was watching the victim reading. Athialy, who was wearing dark clothing, gloves, and had his face partially covered in an effort to remain undetected, was arrested without incident.

    In an interview with detectives, Athialy admitted to several other incidents where he had been at the residence, looking into windows. He was sent to the Hendricks County Jail in Danville, where he is being held on charges of stalking, voyeurism, and criminal trespassing. He is also being held due to currently being on probation.

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