• Avon looks in to consolidation

    June 13, 2011 No comments

    Avon Town officials have taken the first step in a long process to look into a possible consolidation with Washington Township.

    The council on Thursday passed a resolution authorizing participation in and proposing reorganization with Washington Township.

    The resolution starts the process to study consolidation with the township. However, the study and the committee appointments cannot begin until the township passes a similar resolution.

    If also passed by Washington Township officials, each board would appoint three members to a study committee and that committee would spend a year studying the potential consolidation. Based on the results and recommendation of the study, the governing bodies would then look into the best option.

    If the recommendation is accepted, by the town and the township, it would be placed on the ballot and voted on by the residents of the town and township.

    Zionsville passed a similar consolidation two years ago between the town and its two townships, which could potentially create a blueprint. The changes included moving the town council seats from five to seven, appointing a town manager, and creating two service territories — urban and rural.

    Avon Town Manager Tom Klein said that was done in order to not consolidate the tax rates and allow for similar services.

    Brownsburg is currently studying a consolidation between the town and Brown and Lincoln townships.

    Klein said a consolidation here will depend on what kind of benefits it would bring. He mentioned government efficiency, saving tax dollars, and the potential of eliminating government layers. He said the cost of such a study was around $30,000 in Zionsville and he anticipates it being similar for Avon.

    If town and township leaders agree on a consolidation, Klein said the issue would go on the ballot during an election year that includes both township and town voters, meaning an even numbered year.

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