• Avon house fire caused by lightning

    June 16, 2011 No comments

    The storms that rolled through Hendricks County Wednesday morning are being blamed for a residence fire in the Wynbrooke addition near Raceway Road and 21st Street.

    Washington Township Fire Officials say that lightning struck the roof line, resulting in the top of the house sustaining significant damage.

    Despite the roof being destroyed and a great deal of damage to the second floor, firefighters were able to save the first floor and the garage — which housed the residents’ vehicles.

    The home, however, did receive water damage from the hoses, as well as the rain.

    Though the residents were home at the time of the blaze there were no injuries.

    Firefighters were also able to prevent the fire from spreading to a neighboring home by putting a waterline on it to cool it from radiant heat. That home still suffered some melted siding.

    Fire officials say another home in the area was struck in a previous storm, but that did not cause a fire. Instead it blew out the phones and the circuits in the home.

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