• All eyes on Indiana GOP Senate race

    May 07, 2012 No comments

    There is an ongoing battle for control of the GOP between moderates and conservatives. With the presidential nomination fight over, the Indiana Senate race is ground zero.

    Three national television networks are making plans to be in Indianapolis for Tuesday’s Primary Election, drawn by the battle between incumbent Sen. Richard Lugar and his challenger Richard Mourdock.

    From New York, where the Wall Street Journal reports on Lugar looking to independent voters for support, to Washington, where the Post reports that the senator’s troubles are mounting, the media is focused on the Indiana Senate race.

    Yahoo news, television networks, and USA Today all supply news junkies the latest on Lugar vs. Mourdock. And political action committees are rounding up support for their preferred candidate.

    If Lugar’s moderate approach proves successful next week, all of this attention will evaporate.

    But, for now, every conservative, it seems, wants in on it.

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